Product Guide 2020
The ultimate guide to understand how Mati works, what are the key features we propose, and how to integrate our platform to your processes. The Mati revolution starts here!
Key Themes
Verification flow, web & mobile SDK, API, dashboard, verifications review, identity checks performed, integrations, … Learn everything you need to know about Mati!
Discover Mati's features
Discover how Mati can make you compliant by understanding your regulators' requirements, and giving you the tools to verify users in the required way. We have already helped companies become compliant in many different regions (North America, Europe, LATAM, and Asia.)
How to become compliant with Mati
Mati can help you verify users from any country in the world. Discover all the types of documents you can ask, how you can customize your verification flow, and how to integrate Mati in a few hours.
Customization and integrations
Exclusive extract
Mati dashboard includes a CRM where you can review and edit any verification. It's a great place to onboard your support team if you have one. From there, you are also able to customise your verification flow, review your stats, exports verifications for your regulators, and more...

That's where you can keep an eye on your global metrics. Whether it is by month, day of the week, or hour.
Also here that you can understand your demographics, and have a better understanding of where fraud is
coming from. You can also tune you verification flow as you want.and make it more in brand by adding