How the rental platform Stay Alfred used Mati
to cut by 62.3% chargebacks
in 4 weeks
The number of guests that have used StayAlfred last year to rent a flat
The reduction of chargebacks on the platform 4 weeks after implementing Mati
The reduction of the number of cancellations on StayAlfred thanks to Mati
2 days
The time needed to implement Mati and start verifying users
Can you explain us what problem you were trying to solve with Mati?
We wanted to cut out all those chargebacks that traditional online fraud solutions cannot eliminate. After only a few weeks using Mati, we literally cut our chargebacks by 62%, and it keeps improving week after week. We used to have traditional fraud prevention software, but the results are nowhere close to what Mati achieves. Fraudsters have been pushed out of our platform, and real users feel
Stay Alfred is a rental platform that proposes upscale accommodations everywhere in the US for vacations. Founded in 2012, the company has since raised +62 millions of dollars, and defines itself as an equal parts tech firm and hospitality company that lives to create an exceptional experience for their guests while they travel. We recently met with Nick Garcia, Director of Guest Services at Stay Alfred, to understand why he originally chose Mati to support his business, and how he's using our User Verification platform today.
Director of Guest Services @ Stay Alfred
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