How the crypto exchange Beaxy
used Mati to become KYC compliant in Europe in 1 day
Verifications each month
< 1 day
Needed to launch Mati
< 20 seconds
The average time a user needs to verify his / her identity
Can you explain us what problem you were trying to solve with Mati?
At Beaxy, since day one, we wanted to play the good and verify our users. Beaxy differentiates itself with two core values: being strong on KYC/AML checks, and being the first exchange to offer top tier trading tools applied to the crypto industry. Most platforms only give 2 or 3 order types. At Beaxy, we currently have 8, and releasing more every month. For KYC checks, the issue for us was to find the
Beaxy is a cryptocurrency exchange platform created in 2017. Its founders' obectives? Revolutionize crypto exchanges by bringing all of the tools and technologies that traders in traditional markets use on a regular basis to the cryptocurrency space for the first time. We recently met with Nick Murphy, its Executive Vice President of Operations, to understand why he originally chose Mati to support his business, and how he's using our User Verification platform today.
Executive VP Operations @ Beaxy