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Startups with up to
1,000 verifications / month

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Safety Pro

Companies with up to
5,000 verifications / month

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Organizations with more than
5,000 verifications / month

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$0.99 / per user

Custom pricing
  • 10min web & mobile integration
  • Configure your own button style, language & features
  • Face recognition & Face match
  • All documents & IDs scanning
  • Receive users’ documents via webhook
Same as Starter and more:
  • Global Watchlists: Make sure you are meeting the highest security threshold.
  • Liveness check: Are your users alive or just a printed picture?
  • Document authenticity check: Check if the ID has all the features of an authentic one
  • Test for free! 14 days trial, no credit card needed!
Same as Starter and Safety Pro
+ Custom Settings

Simple 10min integration.

STEP 1:Customise your Mati verification flow depending on the documents you require from users.
STEP 2:Integrate Mati verification button into your website or App.
  • Place the Mati button where you need to verify your users. Usually at singup or for certain actions.
  • Once you have your Mati button integrated, the Mati verification will already be working on your website/App!
  • It take a few lines of code to copy paste to integrate our button. Should not take more than 10 minutes!
STEP 3:Receive verification instantly on your backend. Congrats you can now automate your user verification flow!
  • You will receive all verification information via webhook. (we should probably put some webhook code sample here).
  • Once you receive the information on your backend, you can build your own logic. Depending on Mati’s webhook information, you can decide to accept the user, reject the user, or manually review the user. That is entirely up to you!.
  • Let me give you an example. Let’s say your business requires people to be over 21. Then depending on the data Mati will send you from the user, you you accept or reject the user