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The fastest way to verify the true identity of your users.

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Give your users a fast frictionless experience. No more waiting!


Companies reduce fraud within
the 1st month

5 min

Don’t waste weeks on integration

Used around the world by both big teams and startups.

  • Match-trade technologies
  • Hardsoft
  • Homie
  • Bankjoy
  • KeyNest
  • Pretmex
  • Luzverde
  • Lendera

How mati works

  • Easy or Custom:

    Use our small SDK button, or your UI attached to our API.

  • Cross Platform:

    On Web, mobile apps, or mobile web.

  • Modular:

    Choose only the identity pieces you need. It’s a-la-carte!


Automated = Super fast

  • Document Alteration Detection
  • Document Template Match
  • Document Reading
  • Government DB Match
  • Watchlist & AML Check
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No more waiting!
By automating KYC verification,
we are faster and cheaper.

We support a full
compliance check list.

Additional biometric checks for
the highest level of security.

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Who’s backing mati:
  • Twitch
  • Uber
  • Ubisoft
  • Google
  • Ripple
  • Facebook
Collin Carrier
Collin Carrier

Chief Strategic Officer at Twitch

Frederique Dame
Frederique Dame

First head of product at Uber,
Board Member at Ubisoft

Ethan Beard
Ethan Beard

Ex-head of patnership at Facebook,
Ex-Director of Business Dev at Google,
Senior Vice President at Ripple

Dorm Room Fund
Dorm Room Fund

Fund inside First Round Capital

Arena Ventures
Arena Ventures

Founder-focused, seed stage
venture capital firm based
in LA and SF

and more...

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