What is a global watchlist check? What do we check?

In short, you want to know if a user exists on any black list around the world. There are many sources, from banking black lists, to politically exposed people, government agencies lists, like Interpol and OFAC, and other private reports. Some sources are very expensive to buy into, while some other lists simply take a lot of precious time to collect and organize.

Mati Global watchlist check delivers it all to you, on demand, for a fraction of a cost. We find and add new data sources every month. If a positive match is found between a user and a database, the database source is sent to you in a webhook and the user gets flagged for manual review. We check

OFAC SDN (Office of Foreign Assets Control Specially Designated Nationals List)

List of individuals and institutions targeted by sanctions by the United States Government. These include people related to oppressive regimes, terrorism, trafficking and human rights abusers

Interpol Wanted Criminals

This is the list of internationally wanted criminals.

UN Consolidated List

The Consolidated Sanctions List includes all individuals and entities subject to sanctions measures imposed by the Security Council.

Localized lists

These lists are particular to a given country or jurisdiction. We are always adding new lists to make our product even safer.