How can I use Mati to automate my onboarding?

Mati has been built so that with a few lines of code, you can automate your user verification. After you integrate the Mati button into your website or App, you will then receive the verification data from every user via webhook. (see other FAQ for details about how webhooks work).

Once you receive a user’s webhook, you can create all the rules that you want in order to automate your flow. Mati provides you with all the necessary data from the user (document photos, OCR data from each document, face match, liveness, global watchlists, etc…) so that you can make decisions based on your needs.

This is how our clients integrate Mati:

Define required documents

The company defines what documents to ask the user, and what fields do you need to get from the document. For example you may absolutely need the date of birth, or the expiration date of the document. That entirely depends on your business needs.

Webhook response

After receiving the webhook response on your backend, simply check that:

  1. Mati has not raised any concern about the verification (document authenticity, face match, liveness, global watchlists, etc..).
  2. Check that you got the fields needed (i.e. “date of birth” or “expiry date”)
  3. Depending on the two points above, you can either automate the user verification completely and let the user start to use your service, or you may choose to manually review the identity. That all depends on you!

See other FAQ for details about how webhooks work.

Drop us a line if you need help on automating your verification flow!