Can I send metadata to Mati button?

Yes you can! And it’s actually very simple.

When you integrate the Mati button on your website or Apps, you just need to add a couple lines of code to include metadata. This metadata will then be sent via webhook to your backend once Mati finishes the verification. That way you can keep the user reference on your backend.

This code shows you how to include metadata on Web SDK, please signup to your dashboard for more details:

<!-- Mati button-->
  class="mati-button responsive"

<!-- Mati script-->
<script id="matiscript" src="">

<!-- Mati button initialization -->
  clientId: '5bbd0cbc2746697f24r3s5bc',
  metadata: {
  	"user_id": "6343537"
  	"user_email": ""
  	"other_metadata": "sample_metadata_goes_here"