custom user
verification flow
live in 5 min.
Integrate Mati with only a few lines of code, and start building a powerful user verification process, fully customizable and entirely automated.
We've got over 200 companies covered
Stop doing things manually. Mati performs fully automated verifications checks, so your teams can start focusing on what they do best - and your users stop waiting for approval for hours.
Automate your verification process
Forget using +15 providers to verify simple stuff. Mati integrates document validation, biometrics and governemental checks, and much more...
Run all your ID checks from the same place
No need to code to modify your onboarding process, or to add a new document to verify. Create, set up and modify your process in a few clicks!
Easily customize your verification flow
Integrating Mati flow within your web or mobile platform is just a copy-paste away, thank to our SDKs and API.
Implement Mati to your client sign up in 5 min
Everything you need
to start verifying your users
Document Authenticity Check
Read more than 18.000 documents in the world & instantly know if the one your user just submitted is valid and authentic.
Documents Scanning
Extract data from ID documents, and access the data through your personal dashboard.
Government Validation Check
Operating in LatAm? Mati automatically matches the information extracted from the ID to local government databases.
Global Watchlists & AML
Mati automatically verifies if your user name appears in global watchlists, such as Interpol.
Liveness Recognition
Integrate biometric checks to your user verification flow, and make sure the person in front of the camera is the one on the ID!
Facial Recognition
Ask your user to take a selfie, and Mati will compare the photo to the one on the ID!
Reports and analytics
Fraud intents detected, due diligence processes to conduct, countries of origin... Access all your stats in the same place!
Additional checks
Email, phone, IP... Discover all the deep checks Mati can provide you!
Compliance helper
Understanding compliance can be hard; use our Legal team to understand better what are your obligations in your area!
Features, integrations, dashboard... Our guide synthesizes everything you need to know about Mati !
Discover our Product Guide
Don't let local KYC / AML regulations slow down your growth. Use Mati to comply with any regulation in the world, and start scaling!
Comply with international
regulations in 5 min
General Data Protection Regulation
Comisión Nacional Bancaria y de Valores
Comisión para el Mercado Financiero
US Securities and Exchange Commission
Revenue Service
European Securities and Markets Authority
Unidad de Regulación Financiera
US Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement
European Systemic Risk Board
European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority
Nick Garcia
Director of Guest Services
“After only a few weeks using Mati,
we literally cut our chargebacks by 62%.”
Nick Murphy
Executive Vice President of Operations
“Thanks to Mati,
we could become completely KYC / AML compliant within a few weeks."
Matin Tamizi
Founder & CEO
“What we love about Mati is that we finally found an identity platform that checks for everything.”