The new standard in online identity verification

Mati is the best way to instantly verify the true identity of your users. Whether your company is in fintech, sharing-economy, cryptos, Mati is your new way to verify users online

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Mati is available on:
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Desktop

How Mati Works

Customise your Mati verification flow depending on the documents you require from users

  • Face verification
  • Driving license
  • National ID
  • Passport
  • Proof of residency
  • Liveness

Integrate the Mati verification button into your website or App. Verification will start when your users click on it.

Instantly receive the verification information directly on your backend. Congrats you can now automate your user verification flow!

Use Cases

Sharing Economy
Peer to Peer

Simple verification that works

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Who's backing Mati?

Colin Carrier

Chief Strategy Officer, Twitch

Frederique Dame

First head of product, Uber
Board Member, Ubisoft

Ethan Beard

Ex-head of partnerships, Facebook
Ex-Director of Business Dev, Google
Senior Vice President, Ripple

Arena Ventures

Founder-focused, seed stage venture capital firm based in LA and SF.

Dorm Room Fund

Fund inside First Round Capital

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With Mati you can:
  • Focus your developer resources on your core business
  • Don’t lose users at registration. Nice UX goes a long way!
  • Become globally compliant, in 10min.