User verification made simple.
For years, user verification has been a huge pain point for anyone trying to build or scale a business. Time to change that. Discover the Mati revolution.
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user verification platform
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Read any type of ID in the world
Discover the Swiss Army knife that will help you reduce fraud, become compliant in any country of the world and build a powerful user verification process!
Conduct smooth biometric checks
Automatically detect fraud intents
Cross-check any type of information (email, phone, IP...)
Check governments and criminal lists
Implement in 5 min
<1 min process for your customer
Integrate Mati in 5 minutes, and immediately start reducing your operational costs with automation! Opening a new country is a no-brainer with Mati.
Automate your processes and start scaling
Implementing a good user verification process can hep you cut out frauds by 90%. Time to say bye bye to fraudsters!
Cut down fraud on your platform
Compliance can be a real headache! Don't worry, we got you covered. Using Mati will automatically make you KYC/AML compliant in +165 countries.
Become fully KYC/AML compliant with local laws
Nick Garcia
Director of Guest Services
“After only a few weeks using Mati,
we literally cut our chargebacks by 62%.”
Nick Murphy
Executive Vice President of Operations
“Thanks to Mati,
we could become completely KYC / AML compliant within a few weeks."
Matin Tamizi
Founder & CEO
“What we love about Mati is that we finally found an identity platform that checks for everything.”
Integrating Mati flow within your web platform is just a copy-paste away. We are optimised for desktop & mobile web, and we support 99% browsers.
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Depending on whether your business is in lending, banking, or hospitality industry, you will need different tools. And that's exactly why our customers love Mati.
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