Eliminate fraud and protect your revenue.
Every $1 lost to fraud will cost your business $3 or more. Mati's proprietary ID verification technology kills fraud on day one!
Chargeback drop
Our fraud prevention tools eliminate both friendly and criminal fraud. #NoMoreFakes
KYC/AML compliance
Using Mati will automatically make you KYC/AML compliant in any country around the world. Integrate our tools, and our legal team will support you with compliance questions, or even complex legal efforts.
+165 countries
On-demand fraud checks
We know that each business is unique, and requires a different set of tools to deter fraud and become KYC/AML compliant. You can easily pick the checks you need: face-match, liveness, document or utility bill checks, watchlists, phone check, and many more.
Online fraud has grown by 34% last year. But fraud solutions have not evolved. Mati gives you the tools to identify and reject fraudsters from your platform in seconds. Pick the tools most appropriate for your business, and start eliminating chargebacks now!
Stop fraudsters stealing your time and money.
KYC & AML regulations are not only for banks anymore. If you are anywhere close to the FinTech industry, you are probably required by your regulators to have a basic understanding of who your users are.
Mati gives you the tools to become KYC and AML compliant around the world. We made 100+ companies compliant in Europe, USA, LATAM, and elsewhere.
Be in peace with regulators
Each use case is unique
Depending on whether your business is in lending, banking, or hospitality industry, you will need different tools. And that's exactly why our customers love Mati.
Verify people, wherever they are
Integrating Mati flow within your web platform is just a copy-paste away. Your users will never leave your website. We are optimized for desktop & mobile web, and we support 99% browsers.
iOS, Android, React Native, Ionic, Cordova, Xamarin, we support all of them! Our mobile SDKs take a few minutes to be integrated. And yes, we also support very old versions of iOS and Android!
Mobile SDK
If your flow is not fit for an SDK, try our API! It has the exact same capabilities, and is just as easy to work with. We have great sample projects in multiple languages to help you move faster. Just ask our team.
Sometimes, you need to verify people over SMS, email, Hubspot, Intercom, etc. That's why Mati is also giving you a "verification link" that you can send to get your people verified.
Email, SMS, Verification Link
From large institutions to a small startups, we bring value to all companies :)
We've got over 100 companies covered
Ready to kill fraud and increase your revenue?